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Introducing Kreg®'s Adaptive Cutting System (ACS)
Available for Pre-Order NOW and shipping early March 2019

Conquer your cuts with the Adaptive Cutting System—the portable cutting system that adapts to your needs. Whether you’re cutting solid-wood boards or plywood and panels, you can do it precisely and safely using this versatile, portable system. Cut plywood precisely. Rip and crosscut boards. Cut miters, bevels, and angles accurately and repeatably with straight, smooth, splinter-free results that will help you take your project building skills to the next level.

What it does:

The Adaptive Cutting System cuts using a plunge-cutting circular saw that follows a precision guide track to make straight, splinter-free cuts in solid wood and plywood. Optional Rip Guides and Parallel Guides provide accurate measuring for the Guide Track that you can take anywhere you need to cut. When combined with the Project Table, the Adaptive Cutting System creates an incredibly versatile cutting system that provides sturdy work piece support, and that has integrated guides and measuring systems that make it possible to rip, crosscut, miter, and bevel, all with repeatable precision and unparalleled safety in a portable package.

How it works:

The Adaptive Cutting System uses a plunge-cutting circular saw and guide track to make straight cuts in plywood, panels, and solid-wood boards. Just lay the track on your desired cut line, plunge the saw, and the blade follows the edge of the track for straight, splinter-free cuts. This makes cutting easy and predictable, plus incredibly safe because you don’t have to wrestle with heavy materials, your hands are never near the blade, and the saw has a retracting riving knife and anti-kickback features to prevent binding. The saw’s blade-left design is optimized for right-handed users, and it provides superior cutting visibility and control.

When you mount the guide track to the Project Table, you can expand cutting capability even more. The table supports your materials, and has integrated guides, stops, and measuring systems that allow you to lock in accurate cuts. With the complete Adaptive Cutting System, you can rip, crosscut, miter, bevel, and more, all with safety and precision that will take your project-building skills to new levels. Plus, the Project Table folds down and rolls for easy storage and transport, and still allows you to remove the guide track when desired.

Who should buy it:

Project builders who want to take their projects to the next level with a versatile, precise cutting center that makes accurate, repeatable cuts in plywood and solid wood, all in one safe and portable package.

KR-ACS Master Kit
Kreg ACS Master Pack

Take your project-building skills to the next level with the cutting system that adapts to your needs the Kreg® Adaptive Cutting System. It offers all the advantages of a guided cutting system for cutting plywood, panels and solid-wood boards with its high performance Plunge Saw and Guide Track. The Project Table takes the Adaptive Cutting System to unparalleled levels of versatility, precision, safety, and portability by creating a compact cutting center that allows you to rip, crosscut, miter, bevel, cut angles, and more in plywood and solid wood. Includes the Plunge Saw, 62" Guide Track, Project Table - Top, and Project Table - Base.

KR-ACS Saw + Guide Track Kit
Kreg ACS Saw + Guide Track Kit Discover the advantages of guided cutting with the Adaptive Cutting System Saw + Guide Track Kit. This kit includes the Adaptive Cutting System Plunge Saw and the 62" Guide Track to provide everything needed to make straight, accurate, smooth, and splinter-free cuts in plywood, other sheet goods, and in solid-wood boards.
Project Table Kit
Project Table Kit Take Guided Cutting to the next level by pairing the Adaptive Cutting System Plunge Saw and 62" Guide Track with the Project Table Kit.
Kreg ACS Plunge Saw
 Plunge Saw The Plunge Saw offers powerful performance with a variable-speed motor with an electronic blade brake. It provides safe cutting with plunge-cutting action, a fully shrouded blade, a retractable riving knife, and integrated anti-kickback features. The blade-left design is optimized for right-handed users, and provides superior cutting visibility and control. The Plunge Saw is versatile, too, with bevel cutting capability from -1° to 47°, and 2 1/8" maximum cutting-depth from the included 48-tooth, carbide-tipped blade. An included dust port and bag collect chips to minimize cutting mess and provides the ability to connect to a vacuum hose. Two-year saw warranty.
KReg ACS 62" Guide Track
 62" Guide Track Make straight, splinter-free cuts by guiding the Plunge Saw on this precision aluminum track. An anti-chip strip prevents splintering, while grip strips hold the track in place without clamps. Glide strips guide the saw smoothly along the track. Guide Track can be mounted to the Project Table, or combine two tracks together for 112" of off-table cutting capacity.
Kreg ACS Project Table – Top
 Project Table – Top Create an all-in-one cutting center by combining the Plunge Saw and 62" Guide Track with the Project Table. Precision-machined holes position the included work piece stops for exact cuts, while integrated measuring scales ensure easy accuracy. Includes these cutting guides for amazing results: (2) Track Hinges and Mounting Plates, (4) Versa-Stops, (2) Repetitive Stops and Bridge, (1) Miter Guide, (1) 48" Extension. *Designed for use with the Project Table Base
Project Table – Base
 Project Table – Base This heavy-duty steel base offers solid support for the Project Table Top to create a rock-solid cutting center. Folds to store the Project Table vertically, and rolls easily on large rubber wheels.
Rip Guides
 Rip Guides Attach to the 62" Guide Track for making repeatable rip cuts up to 13" wide when using the Track and Saw off the Project Table. Feature precision measuring scales and adjustable hairline indicators to ensure accuracy. Sold as a pair.
Parallel Guides
 Parallel Guides Attach to the 62" Guide Track for making repeatable cuts up to 96" wide when using the Track and Saw off the Project Table. Feature precision measuring tapes with heavy-duty brakes and adjustable indicators to ensure accuracy. Sold as a pair.
 Versa-Stops Fit into holes machined in the Project Table to hold workpieces, and to position them precisely for 90° and 45° cuts. Sold as a set of four (two tall, two short). Also included with the Project Table Top.
Track Connectors
 Track Connectors Connect two 62" Guide Tracks together for extended cutting capacity up to 112". These steel connectors lock the tracks securely together using a two-piece design that prevents marring the aluminum tracks. Sold as a pair.
48-Tooth Saw Blade
 48-Tooth Saw Blade Keep an extra blade on hand with this high-quality 48-tooth, carbide tipped blade the same one that’s included with the Plunge Saw. The laser-cut body ensures flatness, while anti-vibrations slots ensure smooth, quiet cutting.
Splinter Guard
 Splinter Guard The Splinter Guard mounts in the Plunge Saw shroud and fits tight against the blade on the side not touching the Guide Track. This ensures splinter-free cuts on both sides of the blade. Sold as a set of three.
Project Table Extension Brackets
Project Table Extension Brackets COMING SOON: MAY 2019
Add more work piece support for full sheets or long boards with the Project Table Extension Brackets. They let you expand the table using a Kreg Track Horse or Mobile Project Center. Sold as a Pair
Project Table Replacement Top
 Project Table Replacement Top Replace a worn or damaged table surface on the Project Table without buying a complete new top. The MDF Replacement Top is machined to the same precision as the original. Includes mounting hardware.