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McFeely's ProMax Screws

ProMax® screws are optimized Thread Length to prevent Board Jacking. The screws normally used to install 2x4s or 2x6s for decking are 3" long and have 1" of unthreaded shank. Since 2x4 and 2x6 deck material are 1-1/2" thick, the threads bridge the joint, resulting in either uneven and unsightly surface or screws that are over-driven trying to "pull the board down." ProMax screws are different. Thread length is optimized to eliminate cross threading. Plus, the 1/8"L system allows the use of the longest possible screw.

McFeely's PocketMax Screws

PocketMax® screws which are available are extra-long and coated, have an oversized head to minimize crushing in softwoods, extended unthreaded shank to avoid cross threading or board jacking, and Fillister head, sometimes called a "cheese head", have superior holding power to a washer head screw.

McFeelys ProMaster Screws

ProMaster® have Sawtooth threads near the tip to help the screw cut its way in to the wood increasing the holding power. They act like a wedge to force the fibers apart. Pilot holes are still recommended to remove the excess material, so the screw's sole function is clamping.